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For most folks when they start out, they just want to learn to skate, but many of our new skaters have found a new passion in some form of roller sports.


There are so many too choose from.

Many of these have transferred from the traditional ice sports, like artistic skating, ice hockey on speed skating, but others have developed directly from rollerskating itself, and many such as Roller Derby have a very active scene in Scotland.

TrySkating encourages all sorts of roller activities and we host our own Rollerhoc games at the Maccabi Sports Centre, May Terrace, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 6LD and organise outside practice sessions suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced marathon skaters, and we also help organise trips to participate in skate marathon events throughout Europe, including the Premier Inline skating marathon in Berlin.

At our Sunday sessions at the Arc Sports Centre, we are happy to try out any wheeled sports and always have cones and equipment available for anyone wishing to improve their skating ability by honing their slalom skills.


Weekly free improver sessions also mean you can simply look to improve your skating ability, with detailed breakdowns of skills like stops and transitions, that can be learned quickly and added to your skating repertoire.

It has to be said though, nothing quite improves your skating like playing any sport on wheels, as you quickly find you just move naturally and find your stability and manoeuvrability is vastly improved simply by playing on your skates. 

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FARS:: Federation Artistic Roller Skating


BIPHA:: British Inline Puck Hockey Association

FISS - Federation of Inline Speed

NRHA:: National Rink Hockey Association


BISHA: British Inline Skater Hockey Association


BIRFA: British Inline Roller Freestyle Associaiton


IFA: Inline Freestyle Associaiton

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Roller Derby

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