The easy-play hockey game for Fitness and Fun!
Our indoor Rollerhoc games are suspended due to the lack of venues due to covid.


We have however starting playing weekly games outdoor at Victoria Park Tennis Courts.


Start time is 7.30pm, and we usually aim for a Monday if it is dry, but switch to a Wednesday if the forecast is not good. Very much dependent on the weather.


These sessions are open to all, there is no charge and we can provide sticks if required. These must be booked in advance to ensure we bring spares.  All you need to play is skates (inlines or quads), pads and a helmet. No specialised hockey gear is required.


These sessions are suitable for all abilities, but for now are more a general roller hockey sessions, so long sticks are allowed and total beginners to roller hockey are very welcome. 


We have a Messenger Group Chat which posts details of all Rollerhoc and Roller Hockey Sessions. If you would like to be added, then either contact Allan via the contacts page or email

Safety gear is compulsory, you must bring and wear pads and a helmet otherwise you will not be allowed to play.


We always welcome new players and it really is the best way to improve your general skating while having some fun and getting a great work out too.
Not sure you could handle it?  Then come along and watch first, but bring your skates anyway as you'll want to join in.
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OUTDOOR GAMES 7.30pm Monday
or Wednesday
at Victoria Park Tennis Courts

ROLLERHOC™ is based on Unihoc (similar to Floorball) but played on wheels. It is a high energy low cost activity, exciting, full of fun and easy to learn. It improves your fitness more than you can imagine and considerably enhances your skating skills.


The game originated in 2010 but we don't claim to be the only inventor of this hockey adaptation. It is likely other groups play their own version of this game on wheels. Do not confuse Rollerhoc with roller hockey they are two very different games.


An adult game is played indoors by mixed players of ALL ages, normally 4 a side (no less than 3, no more than 5) using short hockey sticks playing a light puck (or ball). Sticks, must not be longer than 125cms from the tip of the blade to the end of the handle and is used by all players including the goalkeeper. The short stick is an inherent part of the game.


Players should have had some skating experience and know how to stop. You do not have to be a good skater to take part. If you cannot skate at all but would like to play Rollerhoc take skating lessons first to help you get started.