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Heel-Brake Hell!   Need to get it sorted?

  • Is this your problem?

  • Can skate, can't stop?

  • Holding everyone back?

  • Can't get the hang of it?

  • Lost confidence?

  • Hopeless on hills?

  • Thinking of chucking it?


Need to boost your confidence? Read the 'book' still haven't cracked it? Want to learn the correct way to stop? Well why not join one of TrySkating's HEEL-BRAKE CLINICS where help is at hand for the skater who needs to practise stopping.  Master the heel-brake it lets you skate uphill and down dale proficiently.

The HEEL-BRAKE CLINIC is an opportunity to

  • Improve technique

  • Build confidence.

  • Learn to stop on hills.

  • Master difficult surfaces.

  • Experience stopping on the streets.


Dates and start times are posted on the EVENTS page of TrySkating. If the dates don't suit why not organise your own group at a time that's best for you.

Always check before travelling in case dates or times have changed or the clinic is weather cancelled.

  • Where do we meet? At Bellahouston Leisure Centre car park. (Don't confuse this with the Ski Centre at the other end of the park.) Please come early to fit skates and put on pads.

  • How much? The clinic costs £35 for 1-2-1 or £15 for small groups, payable on the day. Book in advance to reserve a place. (This is not a drop in session).

  • How long? A skating hour.

  • I can't stop at all? That is exactly why you should come.

  • Can I hire skates? Yes you can but you need to order two days before at the latest. 07766 117365 is the number to call or text. Special clinic hire charge of £5 includes safety pads and a helmet if required.

  • Does Heel-Brake need swapping? Some left handed skaters prefer the heel-brake on the left skate. If you want the brake moved before the clinic starts please state this when booking.

  • What do I need to wear? Safety pads and a helmet are compulsory while under instruction. Full emphasis on safety when street skating. Skates must have a heel-brake fitted.

  • Is there anywhere to leave my backpack? Yes, you can leave your backpack/shoes/etc, in your instructors car while you skate. Don't forget to pick up your possessions before you leave.


Of course, there are lots of other stopping methods that you can also learn, which is very much essential if you intend removing your heel-brake, or you already have skates that have no facility for a brake, like roller hockey skates for instance.

From the simple T-Stop, to the aggressive hockey stop and everything in between, it pays to have a variety of stops available in your locker to ensure you stay safe and controlled whenever you skate. We're here to help, so if there is a specific stop, or skill you are keen to learn or have struggled with, just message us and we can maybe look at a lesson, or add it to our informal skills classes at the Arc on a Sunday morning.

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