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Lap Ladder and other records
Here's a list of some of our fastest skaters, indoors!


Since its inception eight years ago, 200 skaters have recorded their time on the Lap Ladder.

5 laps around the Arc Sports Hall for adults, 4 laps for Bantam skaters (13-16) and 3 laps for Peewee skaters (up to 12yrs of age). The Lap Ladder gives the skater an opportunity to measure their speed and see how they compare to others on the table. It is purely for fun and fitness and not to be taken too seriously.  All levels of ability can record their time.

The Lap Ladder (5 Laps of the full hall)

The lap was shortened a little on 15th April 2012 to allow more safety room.

Click the logo above to see our outdoor records

​*** Marcelo is Scotia Skater's Berlin Inline Marathon Record Holder. (1:33:44)

  • All times must be from a standing start.

  • Open to both inline and quad skaters.

  • Take as many attempts as you like.

  • Skate laps in the direction you prefer.

  • Do not skate faster than your capabilities.

  • Remember we always skate for fun & fitness.

  • Safety gear must be worn. Full set of pads + helmet

  • Skate the 'Lap Ladder' at your own risk.

Bantam (4 laps of the full hall)
Boys & Girls from 13yrs to 16yrs inclusive!

Peewee (3 laps of the full hall)
Boys & Girls up to and including 12yr olds.


We don't approve of coaching juniors while participating in the Lap Ladder.

Anyone can skate the lap ladder. Give it a go!
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