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Personal Lessons

The best way to learn, for the best results!


Have the instructor's full attention for the duration of the lesson. The lesson is tailored to suit the skater's own ability level and progresses at a comfortable pace keeping in mind the anxieties and concerns the new skater anticipates.


Try a lesson, see how you get on. Lessons are available all year round.


A lesson lasts a skating hour, please allow extra time (at least 15 minutes) for fitting skates & pads



Your safety

Skate pads are supplied with hire skates, they must be worn throughout the lesson. A helmet is compulsory for skate lessons. TrySkating does not approve the practice of hiring helmets. The helmet is too important to be 'hired.'  Each skater should have their own helmet or buy a new one. The helmet has to be the correct size and fit properly after adjustment.  It doesn't have to be a skate helmet a cycle helmet is perfectly satisfactory for recreational skating.


Outdoor Lessons are held at Victoria Park, Bellahouston Park, Glasgow Green, outside the Transport Museum or at Brodie Park Tennis Courts in Pailsey. A private lesson can be taken any time morning, noon or night (within reason) seven days a week, all year round by arrangement but are subject to availability. Outdoor lessons are subject to weather conditions. We don't skate in rain or high winds.


Indoor lessons are recommended to avoid inclement weather, they are available at Maccabi Sports Centre in Giffnock on a Saturday, 11am - 5pm in 1hr lesson blocks which must be booked in advance. Initially these are 1-2-1 Lessons costing £35. Small group bookings will become available at £15per skater.  We are hoping to offer additional time slots both at Maccabi and other locations as they become available. Indoor skating is most beneficial to beginners because the smooth floor allows you to concentrate on new skills rather than having to worry about outdoor surface.


Indoor lessons every Saturday at Maccabi Sports Centre Giffnock,

with 1 hour blocks bookable in advance from 11am - 5pm.

How long?

A skate lesson lasts a skating hour. Some skaters find this too short and will make better progress in a 2 hour lesson.  

Longer lessons cover more skills but are only advised if you are reasonably fit with some other form of exercise. New skaters find the concentration level during a long lesson quite demanding.





1-2-1 and small group lessons can be booked at our new indoor skate venue in the south side of Glasgow.


Maccabi Sports Centre in Giffnock has excellent facilities and a great skate surface so is the perfect hall for lessons.

Currently we are taking bookings for weekend classes but slots are very limited. We do have the option for some daytime and limited evening slots.

Please use the contacts page to call or email for more information.

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