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Skating is a balancing activity so falls do occur and in these days of health and safety, we have to make it compulsory that juniors wear safety pads and a helmet at all lessons. If booked in advance, we can hire out safety pads and helmets but prefer if you bring your own helmet (a cycle helmet will do).


If you attend any of our open skate sessions and forget to bring safety gear, please ask first to borrow some pads and a helmet before allowing kids to skate.


Outdoor Private Lessons 1-2-1

Are normally held at Victoria Park Tennis Courts, but can be at Bellahouston Park, Brodie Park, Paisley and elsewhere by arrangement. Children only enjoy an outdoor lesson in good weather conditions. The lesson lasts up to one hour, shorter if the child wishes to stop. 1-2-1 Lessons cost £35, skates and pads can be supplied at no extra charge. Ideally bring a helmet, (cycle) but one can be provided. Minimum age 5yrs but please ask first as we have been teaching younger children with good results. (Note: Currently we can offer some small family group classes, but participants need to take a private lesson first if they cannot stand on skates and move forward unaided.)

Indoor Private Lessons - NEW VENUE Ask for details via contact page

Lessons are held in Giffnock, elsewhere by arrangement. Children enjoy indoor lessons skating on the smooth skater friendly floor and make good progress. The lesson lasts up to an hour, shorter if the child wishes to stop. 1-2-1 lesson costs £35 and skates and pads can be supplied at no extra charge. You must bring a helmet, (cycle) you will not be allowed to skate without a helmet.

Family Skating - Every Sunday

The ARC Sports Hall, Cale Uni, 10.30-12 (or 12.30)


Family skating is encouraged at our Sunday morning skate session at the Arc Sports Hall, Cale Uni, Glasgow, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.


Adults £7, Seniors (65+) £5, Children £5

(preferred minimum age, 5yrs+).


Note there are no formal junior lessons at this session but help is at hand to get juniors skating.

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