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Outdoor records - Bellahoustoun to Berlin
The Bellahouston Park Track, Glasgow.


The former running track in Bellahouston Park was refurbished in 2006 and converted into a community cycle track. The oval track is 420m long. (about a quarter of a mile, 0.26) It is mainly used by cyclists and is available for informal use, except when an event is in progress. The track has become popular with skaters because of its smooth surface and presents one of the best places for timing distances in an endeavour to improve speed.

Men's Inline Skate Record Lap Times (Bellahoustoun)

Women's Inline Skate Record Lap Times (Bellahoustoun)
  • All times to be from a standing start.

  • If you wish to submit a record lap time you must have another person present, not necessarily a skater, to verify your time on the track.

  • Breaking records is not an acceptable excuse to cause disruption or inconvenience to other track users.

  • This is a shared track we must make sure that there is no reason for anyone to complain about speeding skaters.

Women's World Number 2:
Marianne conquers the Double Marathon in Berlin.


Over the years, many skaters have taken part in marathons throughout the world, the biggest of which takes place through the streets of Berlin, the most spectacular and fastest race of the World Cup Season. Of all the personal triumphs, one recent result will take some beating.


Not content with completing the Berlin Skate Marathon in 2018, Scotia Skater Marianne Wilson joined an elite group of athletes who took on the 2019 Berlin Double Marathon, a unique event in the world where competitors compete in the Berlin Skate Marathon on the Saturday afternoon, followed less than 24 hours later by the Running Marathon on the Sunday morning.

Having completed the Paris Skate Marathon the weekend before in treacherous conditions due to the rain, Marianne faced familiar conditions as torrential rain fell in Berlin, making hopes of a PB in the Skate Marathon unlikely. However, when the results of both marathon's were confirmed, Marianne had matched her skate time from the previous year in the dry, and by finishing the running marathon in the fastest time of all the female combined marathon competitors, Marianne secured 2nd place in the women's combined marathon standings!


In a weekend where some 60,000 competitors took part in the marathons, and an elite group raced in both, to be crowned Woman's World Number 2 is an amazing achievement.

Half way there!
Marianne completes the first of her 2 marathons.
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