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HIRING OR BUYING?  Good skating advice.


Hire Skates

If you don't own a pair of inline skates and have no idea what to buy, consider hiring to start with. Then you can find a skate boot that feels comfortable. If your skate boots are uncomfortable or worse cause pain it will put you off skating forever.


Comfort and support matter far more than colour, style or fashion.


Buying Inline Skates

Before buying inline skates (often called Rollerblades) you have to consider the problems and advantages of buying over the internet. Nobody is going to deny the best way to purchase footwear is to try on first. This is not possible using the internet, therefore, some guidance needs to be given to help pick the best size and select the correct type of skate. Unfortunately not everybody's experience of fitting footwear is the same hence the reason for conflicting advice.


Beginner Skaters (Adults)

Beginners need the most help. If this is your first ever inline skate purchase make sure the boot fits comfortably. To achieve this you may require buying bigger than your normal shoe size however this will depend on the specific skate brand you prefer. It is difficult to be more precise because manufacturers skate dimensions vary within a given size.


The fit must ensure the skate boot is not too tight making it uncomfortable to wear by rubbing on hotspots or experiencing "black nail" caused by feet unaccustomed to pressure application but at the same time it is most important the skate boot is not so big it feels loose and lacks support. The recreational skater is very easily put off when the skate boot is uncomfortable. Your aim is a snug fitting boot without discomfort.


Experienced skaters (Adults)

The experienced skater will have a good idea which inline skate is best and has gained knowledge through feedback from other proficient skaters, this information will help decide the correct size and preferred brand to purchase. Experienced skaters have the confidence to select a size that will be a combination of fit and comfort suited to their own personal style of skating.


Advanced skaters (Adults)

Advanced skaters have their own criteria for determining size depending on the skate discipline they pursue, no rule applies here. At this level, skaters choose a size of their own particular preference insisting the skate meets their expectation and justifies the price by improved performance. The advanced skater should buy a top quality brand to ensure the skates are fit for purpose.


Buying Inline skates for children

It is the responsibility of any adult purchasing children's inline skates for the first time to buy a reliable adjustable size skate that not only fits and supports properly but also allows room for the child's feet to grow. Be prepared to spend around £40 if you're not willing to do this why not arrange a lesson with skate hire then you can gauge the child's interest in skating. It is false economy to buy cheap skates, don't be tempted, they will not roll properly and hinder progress. Buy from proper skate sources not chain stores that know nothing about skating and be wary of internet auction site sellers who will not accept returns or allow exchanges. Remember your budget has to include the cost of safety pads and a helmet, essential equipment for all junior skaters.


Learn to skate safely, take lessons.

The foregoing guidance is given with best intentions but does not necessarily apply to everyone. Should you have a query relating to skate-fit prior to purchase or if you require help in deciding which skate brand to buy please do not hesitate to ask. Do let us know if you find TrySkating's information helpful / unhelpful contact us.


To sum up, with careful thought internet purchasing can be as reliable and more convenient than the try-on experience at the Point-of-Sale. You may have no choice if there aren't any inline skate outlets in your area. In this instance why not have a look at StartSkating and see the deals your skate instructor can offer.

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